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Abu Dhabi’s Women’s Show Sheds Light on Wellness, Health and Fashion

Under the patronage of the Dubai Health Authority, Nutreema Advertising LLC successfully held their first WOMEN’S SHOW event of 2018 in partnership with Danat Al Emarat Hospital for Women & Children, HealthPlus Fertility Centers and Moorfields Eye Hospital Abu Dhabi today 21 April 2018 at the Intercontinental Hotel in Abu Dhabi. For 16 years now, the WOMEN’S SHOW has continued to attract women through its unique signature programs, merging entertainment with health awareness activities. The event was attended by over 500 women from different ages and cultures.

During her opening remarks, owner of the Health & Nutrition Magazine and Founder of the event Rima Sayegh Janho said: “Today is the world’s Creativity and Innovation Day. If we think about it, women are at the source of creativity! They create and nurture new generations who, in turn, deliver innovations that push the world forward. For this reason and on this special day, we are discussing and showcasing the latest methods, innovations and creations in health, beauty and fashion and we are celebrating these incredible women. After all, creativity and innovation would be nowhere without them.”
The day’s program covered important health topics including the different types of bariatric surgeries which can be the ultimate solution in some cases for weight loss and was presented by Dr. Hazem Al Momani, General & Bariatric Surgery and Laparoscopy Consultant at Danat Al Emarat Hospital for Women & Children in Abu Dhabi.
In his talk, Dr. Hazem emphasized on the importance of healthy diets especially for children to avoid obesity, pointing out that worldwide 41 million preschool children are overweight, while 650 million people worldwide suffer from obesity, and that 6 countries out of the top 20 countries with the highest obesity rates are in the Middle East region.
Other key talks included an overall view on women’s reproductive health in different life stages presented by Dr. Ghada Hosny, Fertility & Reproductive Endocrinology (IVF) Specialist, at HealthPlus Fertility Center.
Dr. Ghada Hosni pointed out that there’s certain steps that should be taken to prevent short-term and long-term fertility problems. She said, “Recent scientific researches proved that environmental pollutants are one of the most dangerous factors which may affect reproductive health for both genders.”
She warned from the excessive exposure to lead which exits in many materials that are used by women such as lipsticks, eyeliners and many other stuff, without forgetting mercury which might be in some certain types of jewelry and skin creams which can also affect reproductive health.
Moreover, Dr. Christeen Youssef, Dermatology & Aesthetic Specialist & CEO at Everlast Wellness Medical Center conducted a lecture on “Face Variations by Age”. She explained the aging process, the role of the skin, collagen, fat, bones and muscles in the face and the array of procedures to obtain the ultimate beauty effect.
In addition, Nestlé delivered a nutrition talk about the most commonly used ingredients for home cooking in the region and shed some light on the MAGGI products.
Guest Star Joseph Attieh delivered a special song on this occasion, while amazing dance performances kept the audience entertained. After a fun Q&A session, raffles were held and winners took home exclusive gift hampers and vouchers courtesy of the participating companies.
Another key highlight was the fashion and jewelry show conducted by renowned fashion designer Ms. Solida Marcus and DAMAS. Ms. Solida is recognized for her elegant bridal collections and her expertise in wedding gowns is rooted in her love for dealing with brides on their most special day. DAMAS mesmerized the crowd with their finest, most elegant Sama jewelry collection.
Throughout the event, medical sponsors showcased the latest healthcare trends, healthy foods, and product samples; while other supporters provided free consultations and conducted blood pressure, blood glucose, BMI, and cholesterol check-ups and eye tests. High-end retailers, on the other hand, displayed the latest in fashion, make-up, and accessories.
The successful holding of the event was thanks to the unwavering support of its sponsors, namely: Everlast Wellness Medical Center, Brightpoint Royal Women Hospital, Philips, New Country Healthcare, Lacnor, Mediclinic Airport Road Hospital, Grandstores, Marmum Dairy, Citruss TV, Pierre Fabre Laboratories, Modern Bakery, Salam Studio & Stores, Health Quest, Galerie Hindam, Ms. Sylvanna Dubayssi.