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Canton de Vaud in Switzerland

It is crisp outside, as we arrive on the platform of the trainstation to head up to the mountains. It is true when they say; Swiss air is just fresher then elsewhere. It must be the breeze coming from the lake, maybe even across from the other side of the water, all the way from Evian – with a little imagination I feel the natural spring water touch my face.


The train arrives, perfectly on time. That’s what trains do in Switzerland and we are ready to hop on and travel through the countryside to the snow-capped mountains. The snow has fallen and shows little sign of leaving anytime soon, although in certain areas tiny green patches on the meadows, where cows graze in summer, show the season is not yet in full swing. As the train takes off, we have a hard time staying in our seats, the excitement of the stunning views across town and past wooden houses plotted along the landscape, make us jump from one side to the next to capture everything possible. The train climbs the mountain terrain and sometimes dives down into towns to pick up more passengers and offloads those who get to work or schools.

For us it’s holiday time and we are getting ready to escape to the country, Vaud to be exact. The region is known for it’s perfect location north of Lake Leman and south of the mountainous terrain, where snowboarders, skiers and snow hikers come to in winter. On the lake, the classy Montreux Riviera holds fort to beautiful lakeside palaces which function as hotels and a Chillon Castle, which used to be a toll castle in the olden days. The scenery of its location is worth every picture and the many beautiful painted walls and ceilings tell many a story.

As we climb the mountain to the last station, we are wondering how much higher we can go. The beautiful Swiss chalets keep us in awe; some are decorated with paintings of edelweiss, whereas others have poems on the sidewalls. The train slows down and we get off, walking over and heading to the cable car, which takes us up to Glacier3000.  We catch a glimpse of the scenery that awaits us. It is impressive, rugged and calming at the same time. The cable car is prepped to take off, it is more a cable room as it would hold up a large group of people entering the mountain – all at the same time. The doors of the cable car close and without noticing we are off, heading high up to the glacier. The views are mesmerizing; it is hard to hold back every chance to take pictures from each angle and every mountaintop we see in the distance. Halfway the mountain, we are getting off the start our final climb with another cable car. Views change, but we re still as excited and cannot wait to jump out as we are finally there. The cold air catches us by surprise, our coats zipped up to the max and with gloves on, we head out to the snowfields around. A chairlift can take us to the glacier walk, a beautiful and challenging walk to experience when the weather allows it. For those who like a bit of adventure the snow bus takes you around and for the little ones, the sledding in the powdery snow prepped field seems like the most fun – we couldn’t resist and had a few rides down the snow track. Stomachs hurting with laughter!

We decide to climb the Peak Walk, a suspension walking bridge in between two mountain tops and when weather permits over 3000 mountains can be seen – the Matterhorn included. This is high up, the sun shines and the Swiss flag catches the wind as a trigger for us to get to the other side to explore further. We take the first step – that’s always the hardest, yet the excitement to walk across takes over and before we know it we take pictures in the middle of the bridge, where the depth is most visible.

We even more so enjoy the fresh air on top of this stunning walk bridge, as we realize how high up we are and how unspoilt the views are. We enjoy the ret of our day at the glacier, having a hot cocoa and apfelstrudel to celebrate our daring walk across the bridge.

Returning to the hotel, the fireplace in the lobby café lures us in, as we sit down the jukebox in the corner just starts yet another jazz tune and we decide to enjoy a late afternoon drink, whilst the cosy atmosphere of the café warms our hearts.

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